BALTIMORE RAIN TRAIN: Interesting Rain Stats

What a rainy Summer it has been..


Once again it's another day with showers and even a few thunderstorms. We really just can't shake the rain this summer. Since May 1st we have had over 31.53" of rain. If you think about it in depth we have had 59 rainy days out of 105 days that span from May 1st through August 13th. In August alone we have had 10 of 13 days so far with rain. Overall 56% of our Summer has been unfortunately waterlogged.

So the question is will it improve over the final weeks of August and first few weeks of September. Well the answer to that question is both a yes and a no. Long range trends over the next 8-14 days suggest above average precipitation taking over the eastern 2/3rds of the country. The caveat is that it will not be raining all the time with weeks of several days with dry weather compared to numerous days of rain.

A great example of that is this week. Wednesday and Thursday dry out with highs in the 90s before rain chances increase once again for the weekend as another slow area of low pressure moves through. It;'s just been one of those year's where we get stuck in a rut. It is Summer all in all and this can be expected so keep those umbrellas handy. Just think of it this way it's not snow!!!

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