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Anyone Else Ready for Summer?

Make the heater your best friend...
Posted at 12:05 PM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 12:05:03-05

The long pants, thick sweater, ear muffs, winter coat, and even the sunglasses are all needed today! Temperatures will struggle to rise near freezing this afternoon, so you and your furry friend may want to keep the walk short today. Even though we have lots of sunshine overhead, it will feel more like the teens outside thanks to an Arctic high pressure system building into the region.


Strong radiational cooling takes place this evening as the high pressure system centers itself overhead. Light winds and clear skies aloft will help temperatures plummet into the single digits near the Mason Dixon line, to the lower-teens around the metro. We may experience one of the coldest air masses of the season thus far! Layer up when heading to work tomorrow morning!


I know the potential weekend winter storm is on everyone's minds. The latest model guidance still positions the center of the low pressure system offshore- placing the highest snowfall totals across the Delmarva Peninsula. The European model has it tracking a bit closer to the coast (still staying offshore), whereas the GFS model run still has it farther east. It is still too early to determine snowfall totals for this event. Similar to the previous winter storms that we've tracked, the exact track of this storm system will dictate how much snow we could receive in the Baltimore area.


As of right now, it appears that Baltimore will miss out on dealing with the full brunt of this storm (significant snow), BUT the intensity of the north-northwest winds will be felt on Saturday - Sunday. Sustained winds are projected to range between 15-30 mph with wind gusts up to 45 mph at times. This will usher in frigid air to the Mid-Atlantic region, which may place wind chills into the single digits on Saturday and possibly into the negatives northwest of I-95 early Sunday morning! This may warrant a Wind Chill Advisory across our northwestern suburbs. The heater will be your best friend this weekend!


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