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Ahead of the Rainfall Game for August

More Rain is on the Horizon
Posted at 11:04 AM, Aug 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-08 11:04:58-04

This past week has been quite active in the weather department. Maryland dealt with everything from, tropical storm force winds, severe thunderstorms, a few tornadoes, and flooding. I know many folks have been praying for more tranquil weather and thankfully this weekend looks mainly rain-free! It will be perfect to get outside and maybe catch up on the outdoor chores that you may have been putting off.

Here are some rainfall statistics for the month of August:
So far this month, Baltimore has received 3.78" of rain and it's only August 8th. The cumulative departure from the normal precipitation value of 0.81" is +2.97"! Earlier in the week, the entire east coast was impacted by Isaias and that storm is the reason why rainfall totals are above normal so far this month. Isaias dropped 2.32" of water in Baltimore on August 4th. Think about it for a moment... that brought us over the normal value of 0.81" by 1.51" in less than a 24 hour period! We have seen way more rain so far this month compared to this day last year in 2019.

Back in 1955, Baltimore had it's wettest August on record with a total of 18.35"! We still have 23 days left in August and computer models depict more rain is on the way next week. I don't think rainfall totals will climb as high as they did back in 1955, but you will have to #staytuned to see how much more rainfall Baltimore receives this month!