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After a soggy weekend, more rain is is still expected

Another round of rain still is in the forecast as a coastal low sits close by...
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Posted at 3:33 PM, Oct 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-03 15:33:11-04

MARYLAND — The weekend has been quite a wet one with many in Maryland seeing over an inch of rain. Once the leftovers of Ian made its way to the Mid-Atlantic, there has been little time without at least a light drizzle.


Those of us on the eastern side of the state saw a much more concentrated band of rain leaving us with over two inches of rain. But the rain is not over just yet as another weather system right off the coast is spinning basically in place bringing in more rain.


The next heaviest bands will start to make its way back into Maryland late on Monday and stick around until Tuesday morning. This will leave us with another long day of wet weather that is expected to bring an additional 1-2 inches of rain and even more for parts of the Eastern Shore.

FUTURE rainfall.JPG

While this is another heavy amount of rain given the time period it will fall over, flash flooding is not expected but some standing water or ponding in low lying areas can occur.

Along with the rain a colder northerly flow will also stick around and keep our temperatures struggling to get into the 50s.