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3-year anniversary of Isaias

Remembering the impacts
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Posted at 5:06 AM, Aug 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-03 06:02:17-04

MARYLAND — No one in Maryland will ever forget August 4th, 2020. Tomorrow is the 3-year anniversary of Tropical Storm Isaias. Isaias made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane in North Carolina exactly 3 years ago and moved northward into the Mid-Atlantic as a Tropical Storm.

Here are some of the impacts felt across central Maryland and Delmarva:
-Hurricane & Tropical Storm force wind gusts
-Heavy rainfall caused significant river flooding and flash flooding. Rainfall totals added up to 4-7 inches were measured across central Maryland and up and down the Eastern Shore.
-Nearly 10 tornado warnings were issued in Maryland before noon. There were a total of four confirmed tornadoes in Maryland- three in lower southern Maryland and one in Queen Anne's county. The there were two EF-0 tornadoes and two EF-1 tornadoes.


So far, there have been four named storms in the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane season. Don was the first tropical cyclone to reach hurricane strength in July. It stayed out in open water and did not impact land. The next name up on the list is Emily. According to the National Hurricane Center, so far the tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin has been above normal compared to the 1991-2020 mean.


Here is a look at the current tropical outlook in the Atlantic basin... it's QUIET! September is the peak of hurricane season so we are not out of the woods yet!


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