Snow could be heading our way, people aren't changing weekend plans

Posted at 11:35 PM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 23:35:06-05

The potential for snowy conditions this weekend isn't going to stop people from enjoying it.

Some roads in the area may have already been treated and while the roads were completely dry Friday night, that could all change by Saturday.

"This isn't going to change any of my plans at all, still going out, still going out!" Doris Hall told ABC2.

A lot of people we spoke to aren't letting the first potential snow event of the season dampen their holiday spirit. 

"I just roll with the flow," Said Hall.  "Just roll with it. Don't get excited don't get nervous just roll with the flow."

Friday, we found dozens of people enjoying the winter chill all over the area. Many, excited for the impending weather.

"It brings back childhood memories.  Making snowmen, snow angels making cookies," Hall said.

But the snow may indeed put a damper on weekend plans. State Highway Administration officials are set to monitor the conditions around the clock. 

"We have really smart infrastructure we have pavement temp sensors we get very detailed weather forecasts," said Greg Slater, MDOT's State Highway Administrator.

The MDOT's operations center will be monitoring those conditions and the roads.  With over 700 plows, close to 600 state highway dump trucks and more than 2000 contractor crews on stand by.

Snow and slush could make road conditions slick and congested.  Slater says stay off them if possible and leave enough room for plows.