Pollen Count On The Rise

Drier Weather Later This Week
Posted at 10:45 PM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 22:45:08-04

If you went for a walk in the park today, and noticed your eyes were a little puffy, or your nose was a little runny when you get home... do not panic! Our pollen count for Monday climbed to 10 out of 12-- which means most folks who are sensitive to tree pollen-- specifically maple, elm, and poplar.. probably had some sort of reaction. The good news-- with a little rain tomorrow I think our numbers will fall into manageable territory, but the rest of the week looks just as bad as Monday.


With that being said, for folks who only have minor seasonal allergies-- this week will be a blessing in disguise. Clouds and a few showers tomorrow will make Tuesday the worst day this week to be outside, but the tide starts to turn Wednesday. I believe will only see very limited rain Wednesday and sunny skies dominating Thursday. Plenty of opportunities to go for that jog/hike... or hop on a bike and ride around the neighborhood... or even take it back to the 90s and hope on skates/roller blades. I think the weekend will be mainly dry, but rain will start moving in overnight Sunday and will linger into Monday. Temperatures are pretty nice once we get past Wednesday.