National Hot Chocolate Day is perfect to celebrate on Monday

Below average temps continue Monday
Posted at 8:36 PM, Jan 30, 2022

National Hot Chocolate Day is Monday January 31. I don't know who came up with the day, but it's a wonderful day to celebrate in Baltimore! Parents can put in in their coffee cup as they walk the kids to the bus stop. Employers can buy hot chocolate packs for the workforce as a nice arrival treat in the morning. You can put candy canes in the hot chocolate, give it a swirl to give it that peppermint feeling. A little squirt of caramel sauce or mini marshmallows always are a winning addition as well. However you make it, Monday morning will be perfect to sip on it as temps will only be in the teens!


If you forget in the morning (because there is so much to remember like your keys, wallet & kids lunch boxes), you can celebrate in the afternoon as well. Temperatures are usually around 44 degrees and we stay in the 30s! Maybe that gives you an excuse to have 2 cups of the warm treat. You can even greet your kids getting off the bus with a nice warm thermos.


After Monday temps start to go up, turning seasonal by Tuesday and in the 50s Wednesday through Friday. So, while that is still cold enough to enjoy hot chocolate, something about National Hot Chocolate Day just makes it taste the best on Monday.