May In Review

A Little Rain and A Warming Trend...
Posted at 7:34 PM, Jun 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-01 19:34:35-04

Seasonal average for the month of May runs between 70 at the beginning of the month to 78 by May 31st.

Well the month started out cool...unseasonably cool-- at times roughly 10 degrees below average. Thankfully we turned a corner about halfway through the month and we saw temperatures soar into the upper 70s and 80s-- and they stayed there! 18 days were spent in the 70s and 80s-- but we still ended the month a little cooler than average.


As far as rain--- we didn't get close to average! Matter of fact, out of the last 100 years, this was the 13th driest May! Most of the rain fell on 6 days, and on no day did we see a half inch of rain or greater. The driest May of the last century was back in 1986, when Baltimore only picked up 0.37" of rain.


We have a couple of rain opportunities this week as a warm front lifts through the area, followed by a cold front, and a re-enforcing cold front. There's at least a shot at showers everyday through Saturday--while Sunday looks golden: low humidity and highs near 80!