Could this week be our last chance of snow

Next 3 months will be warmer than normal
Posted at 11:28 PM, Feb 27, 2022

Temperatures are on a roller coaster ride this week. A cold front moved through Sunday night, thus Monday temps will fall 10 degrees cooler than normal. However, the temperature is taken in the shade, so if you are in the sun it will feel like almost 50 degrees! Winds will also relax compared to Sunday.


The sunny skies do not last long. Partly cloudy skies develop by Tuesday and by Thursday there could be enough moisture to collide with a disturbance resulting in snowflakes! It will not be a lot though, maybe just a trace. It could be the last time we see snowflakes this season though as temperatures are ready to warm up.


Next Sunday we warm to near 70 degrees! According to the Climate Prediction Center we should be 10 degrees above normal for the first full week of March and even the next 3 months look to be warmer than normal.