Coolest morning thus far this season on the way

Below average Monday
Posted at 11:28 PM, Oct 17, 2021

Cold fronts are starting to get stronger this time of year. Our front on Saturday dropped temps 11 to 16 degrees and the chill is still funneling in on Monday. Temps should fall another 1 degree but it will feel like 4 degrees cooler as the wind is forecast to increase.


Hopefully you have left over pasta (from National Pasta Day on Sunday) to pack for your lunch. The winds will be 10-20 mph with gusts near 30 mph.


Temps will only be below average (normal is 66) through Tuesday morning. Tuesday looks to be the coolest morning thus far this season. Temps will fall to 45 degrees! By Tuesday afternoon though, temps flirt near 70 and we arrive at the mid 70s by Wednesday. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of temps!