Allergy Season Is Upon Us

How To Know If You Have Seasonal Allergies
Posted at 7:17 PM, Mar 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-13 19:17:34-04

That time of year is upon us again.... pollen counts are creeping back up and that means that lots of folks will be flocking to the stores to get allergy medicines. But how does one know if they have seasonal allergies? Different people have different reactions to allergens. Some common symptoms include:
-Runny/stuffy nose
-Watery/itchy eyes
-Itchy sinuses, throat or ear canals
-Postnasal drainage

Other, less common symptoms include:
-Shortness of breath

What to do if you realize you have seasonal allergies and they're hitting you harder than ever?
Once you've determined that your symptoms are really seasonal allergies you have multiple options at your disposal depending on the severity of your symptoms.
- Most folks head to the drug store for symptom relief.
- A saline nasal rinse helps clear allergens from your nasal membranes.
- Get out of your clothes (and shoes) as soon as you get home.. all of the pollen that you've encountered through the day lingers on your clothes.
- Work indoors when possible.
-Keep windows (home and vehicle) closed to reduce exposure.
-Wear a mask for your necessary outdoor activities.
-Take your allergy symptoms seriously-- overdoing it will only make you feel worse.