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One nonprofit prepares for their annual fundraising event 'Warriors in the Park'

Warriors in the Park
Posted at 4:12 PM, Aug 18, 2023

Music is soothing for the soul, but it can also become a way of healing for the mind and body. Michael Caimona, the founder of Warrior Music Foundation, finds this to be especially true for veterans.

"Music therapy has been part of the military back coming out of World War II, it was a tool that helped soldiers as they were convalescing,” said Caimona.

Warrior Music Foundation is a nonprofit that provides free music therapy to veterans, local active duty military and their families. Doing so by partnering with local music and lesson centers making it easier to get help.

"So they're not really going into a medical facility or hospital. They can go into a music store, our therapists will meet them at the lesson center so it's a little more welcoming environment,” said Caimona.

He said it's one of the most effective forms of treatment for mental health, whether it's in the form of listening, performing or writing.

"I’ve watched it happen it's really powerful we've had people who don't want to talk or look anybody in the eye,” said Ryan Fowler who owns Ryan Fowler’s Guitar Experience.

Fowler hosts some of the therapy sessions at his guitar center in Towson. He says it's where the music becomes the veteran’s voice.

“Let's learn some guitar, and you know why do you want to learn that song and usually people have a reason to want to learn a particular song it's a time in their life whatever reason and so those are kind of the way music therapist, some of the tools they use to get people to open up and talk about things that are really hard to talk about,” said Fowler.

Fowler not only opens his business to help veterans and their families but also gives time in the nonprofits biggest fundraising event. His band will perform at 'Warriors in the Park'.

"This year we're going to do it at Severna Park at the Severna Park Taphouse which is a great place for music, it's got an outside and an inside setting. We do this once a year and I think we'll have 10 or 11 bands this year,” said Caimona.

The fundraising concert will happen on September 2nd. Caimona said it's the best way to support their program that supports veterans. For more information or to purchase tickets head to