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Lamakers begin tackling veteran related bills in Maryland

Maryland lawmakers fight for veterans
Posted at 10:05 AM, Jan 10, 2020

As the first full day of work gets started in Annapolis, lawmakers have those who served to protect our country on their minds, "I've had the privilege to be overseas and work alongside of them and seen their dedication. We need to get back to them and thank them for what they've done."

Senator Bryan Simonaire from Anne Arundel County is working to help veterans. He and others are supporting legislation to give back to veterans.

Senator Simonaire has seen how therapeutic pets can be for veterans. That's why he want's to introduce a bill to make it easier and more affordable to get a pet, "That would alleviate the adoption fee if they would go to a county or government animal facility and they can get an animal without the fees as well."

Other bills include allowing some fraternal organizations to have instant lottery ticket machines, 10% of the money would go directly to help veterans. Delegate Mark Chang of Anne Arundel County would like to make July 27th "Welcome home Korean War Veterans Day".

Simonaire would also like to have a donation box available on your hunting or fishing license to help support veterans, some which may be disabled, and he's also like to give a break on license fees to those veterans with a purple heart award, a prisoner of war or disabled veteran, "That would allow them to go out and do hunting and fishing trips, allow them to go out on the waterways and the Chesapeake Bay Trust is going to help manage that.

Simonaire says of all places, Maryland with the Naval Academy, Ft. Meade, NSA and other military installations, should take care of our veterans, "There are several hundred thousand veterans in our area and they need support from the state and our communities and I'm glad to help them in that way."