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Baltimore County WWII Veteran wants to get back to combat frontlines in Europe, one last time

Help 'Bud' get back to the battlefields
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Posted at 1:27 PM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2021-03-17 23:34:02-04

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Lockered 'Bud' Gahs, of Perry Hall, served in WWII with the 42nd Infantry Division/222nd anti tank company, and now at 95, he's looking to make a trip back to Europe and the region that shaped so much of his life.

As he works his way back, Bud is getting help from Erin Faith Allen, an artist and researcher and WWII Nation, an online blog and YouTube series. This team will make a documentary about Bud's experiences and memories.

The 42nd Infantry Division was known as the Rainbow division.

Bud was awarded The Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement in action on January 25, 1945. Private Gahs and his squad were inside a home in Schweighausen, France when they discovered their house was surrounded by the enemy.

They faced intense fire but Private Gahs remained at his post for more than two hours, firing his M-3 machine gun with deadly accuracy and blasting all enemy attempts to enter the house. His courageous act was largely responsible for the repulse of the enemy and for the death of ten Germans, the wounding of eight, and the capture of eight prisoners of war.

To support this documentary and Bud's trip back click here. Watch the video below for more on this project.