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B-More Pasta provides opportunities for youth, revenue for other programs at The BIT Center

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Posted at 4:20 AM, Feb 16, 2022

BALTIMORE — 20-year-old Lance White thinks back to all the different pasta shapes, colors and flavors he's made at B-More Pasta since becoming its pasta engineer two years ago.

"Some of them can be different colors, whether that be spirulina or beet-red. We did one with wine once, that was nice."

His knowledge about pasta is impressive, especially when asked what kind of experience he had working with pasta before taking the job.

"None," he said. "None at all."

From none at all to pasta pro, White is one example of the mission of B-More Pasta.

"B-more Pasta is the social enterprise that’s intended to provide an opportunity for youth ages 16-24 to have an opportunity to learn about a business, learn how to run a business, learn how to make pasta and do a little cooking at the same time," said Miller Roberts, the community engagement coordinator at B-More Pasta.

B-More Pasta is under the umbrella of The BIT Center, which has several other programs like Be a Chef For a Day, which teaches kids how to cook, and In Cucina which teaches families how to cook. When the pandemic started, they began giving out boxes and bags filled with fresh food and pantry items.

Roberts said it seemed a little crazy to start a business venture during a pandemic but it proved to be a big success.

"It turns out it was the right thing to do because so many people were at home and needed things to do with their family. Our online cooking classes were so popular."

B-More Pasta provides a source of revenue to not only support The BIT Center's current programs but it also paves the way for new projects, like a school bus outfitted with a kitchen to take cooking classes on the road and distribute food.

"When you think about food and what it means to a family and a community, its about bringing people together and breaking bread," said Miller. "Its incredible that we can serve so many different purposes in the community and I think that’s why we are all so energized by it."

B-More Pasta is sold in a couple of locations and the hope is to expand its availability in stores. You can also order the pasta online by clicking here.