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Lexus dealer in Annapolis holds blood drive to help during COVID-19 outbreak

Posted at 7:21 PM, Apr 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-05 19:21:59-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — As the flag waves in the breeze and clouds drift across the sky the ominous clouds of the corona virus still hang over all of us.

At the Lexus dealer in Annapolis, their service station usually deals with fuel injectors and catalytic converters but, Sunday it was all about tourniquets and IV’s.

Paul LaRochelle is the GM here at Lexus. Like most businesses, sales are down and LaRochelle wanted to do something to help so he started a blood drive at the dealership.

"This is just one of the things of many we do. This is about the 5th time we’ve done this over the last couple of years along with a lot other charitable organizations but, this really means something, it mattes right now in this time of need so we had to step up," said LaRochelle.

Brianne Atkins was compelled to make a difference on Sunday.

"I just feel helpless. I want to help in some way. Unfortunately I don’t sew. My mom is sewing face masks for everyone so what can I do to help," said Atkins.

So, she and about 49 others came to give blood Saturday at the Lexus dealer in Annapolis on Rt. 50. This is not the only thing they are doing to help during the pandemic.

LaRochelle says this blood drive was so popular and it sold out so quickly, there's more in the works.

"Across all of our brands we are now offering 50 percent off all the front line first responders, doctors and nurses. Anyone who is helping out to fight this pandemic," said LaRochelle.

"We filled up available, about 50 slots, in a few hours so because of that we're going to host another in about two weeks," said LaRochelle. "So we are going to have these guys back and do this again

50 percent off of having you car repaired will help those who are taking a risk to help us.

So as the virus continues to spread, so does the good will in the community.