Harbaugh says Ravens are tough, not pretty

Posted at 5:29 PM, Sep 19, 2016

One thing Ravens fans can probably agree on: there's plenty to work on after the first two games of the season.  Another thing they can probably agree on: it feels pretty good to be undefeated.  Head coach John Harbaugh said Monday it doesn't matter how his team got there,  2-0 is still 2-0.


"We'd like to be pretty.  Everybody wants to be pretty.  That's why you get a haircut," said Harbaugh.  "But maybe we're just not that pretty. We never really have been.  It's never really been our calling card.  But we're tough."


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Coach Harbaugh and his team dedicated Sunday's 25-20 win in Cleveland to Clarence Brooks.  The defensive line coach passed away on Saturday morning after a battle with cancer.  After the victory players had a lighter moment when describing the 85-yard touchdown run they gave up against the Browns.


"It was definitely emotional. We definitely wanted to win this game for him," said Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley.  "I know he's resting in peace but going through the week he's the run defense, he does all the scouting for that.  I know he's pissed off but he's happy that we won too."


"After the game Clarence Brooks would have been ecstatic.  He would have been laughing and hugging his guys," said Harbaugh.  "I don't think any of us were able to very well express our feelings.  Those are kind of groanings inside that you try to deal with.  We're going to miss him and we'll just have to figure this out over the next few weeks."


Ravens players are off Monday and Tuesday.  They’ll get back to practice on Wednesday to begin preparing for Sunday's visit to Jacksonville.