Suggs still getting it done

Posted at 4:27 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 23:18:59-04

He has been the constant on the Ravens defense for the last decade and a half.  And Terrell Suggs is showing no sign of stopping any time soon.

“Despite everything I’m still here. Two Achilles, two biceps, pulled pectoral and I’m still a Raven,” said the veteran linebacker about his injuries.

And Suggs is still the unquestioned leader of the club.  

“He’s pretty much the blueprint of what a Raven is,” said Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams. “He is the best player I see out here every day.”

Now in his 16th NFL season it’s been every day with only one organization.  

Suggs was rather reflective on Monday about his time in pro football.

“That’s very humbling and flattering because I’ve learned that not everybody gets to do that,” he said about playing his entire career in Baltimore.

There’s no doubt in his mind, as long as he laces them up he plans on wearing purple.

“I plan on being a Raven as long as I’m playing football,” added Suggs.

But when is that day coming? When will be the day he hangs up the cleats and calls it a career? Suggs said he hasn’t even entertained the thought of retirement.

“You don’t want to start thinking about the end because this time you have here will pass you by. Time is undefeated. It eventually will happen. I just hope it’s later rather than sooner.”

As for this year’s team, the seven-time pro-bowler said its defense has something he’s never seen before in Baltimore.

“We’ve had legendary defenses in the past but we’ve never been this deep at every position.”

Training camp continues for Suggs and the rest of the Ravens on Tuesday morning at 11:35 a.m.

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