Ravens, Bengals to play regularly scheduled game Sunday

Baltimore Ravens
Posted at 2:47 PM, Jan 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-04 15:49:06-05

BALTIMORE — Following the postponement of Monday's pivotal Bengals and Bills game due to Damar Hamlin's injury, there are questions on how the NFL playoff picture will shape up.

The NFL announced Tuesday that the game would not be resumed this week.

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That means the Ravens and Bengals will still play their regularly scheduled week 18 game at 1pm Sunday.

Implications though are a lot less clear.

Although Baltimore and Cincinnati have already earned a spot in the playoffs, the battle of who will finish atop the AFC North Division remains up in the air.

Had the Bengals lost to Buffalo, the Ravens could have clinched the division by beating Cincinnati on Sunday.

A Ravens win now would still leave things unsettled, while simply keeping them in the running for the division crown.

In the event the Bills and Bengals don't finish up their game, Cincinnati would technically win the division based on their record alone.

They and the Bills, along with the Chiefs, were vying for the number one seed in the playoffs that would earn them a first week bye.

According to the NFL no decision has been made on whether the Bengals and Bills will resume play at a later date, and if so how that would affect the playoff schedule.