NFL crowns Bengals AFC North Champs but Ravens can still earn home playoff game

Baltimore Ravens
Posted at 2:37 PM, Jan 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-06 14:50:21-05

BALTIMORE — The NFL on Friday approved a resolution that could impact how the Ravens' playoff schedule shapes up.

Friday's decision clears up some confusion that was left by the Bengals - Bills game being canceled last week over Damar Hamlin's injury.

Under the newly approved resolution the Bengals are crowned AFC North Division Champions due to finishing the season with a higher win percentage.

Despite playing in only 16 official regular season games, Cincinnati still ends up with a half-game advantage over Baltimore's 17-game record.

Had the Bills - Bengals game resumed the Ravens could have potentially clinched the division if the Bills won. That no longer is possible.

However there is still a scenario that gives the Ravens a chance at hosting a playoff game.

If they defeat the Bengals in week 18 this Sunday, and the Chargers win their game, that would mean the Bengals and Ravens square off again in the Wild Card Round.

In that case a coin flip would decide whether the game is played in Baltimore or Cincinnati.

But if the Bengals win Sunday, all bets are off and the Ravens would have to play in accordance with regular seeding and scheduling procedures.