Broadneck, Annapolis ready to renew rivalry

Posted at 8:30 AM, Sep 16, 2016

One team will stay perfect, one will feel defeat for the first time this season.


“Someone’s going home upset, said Broadneck receiver Chris Watts.  “It’s either the team that worked the hardest is going to win or the team that didn’t work the hardest is going to lose.” 


“We do have some history going back and we’re two really good teams this year.  It’s a good team against a good team. So it’s a good team to watch,” said Annapolis guard/defensive tackle Jack Cowger.


Annapolis and Broadneck are set to renew their rivalry on Friday night at the home of the Bruins.  Both teams are 2-0 and can’t wait to take part in the latest rendition of the battle of Annapolis.


“Annapolis and Broadneck go way back, before we were born,” said Annapolis receiver Trey Gross.  “It’s a big game always.”


“It’s crazy. It’s live, electric.  A lot of fans here yelling for us and everything.  It’s real fun,” said Broadneck linebacker/defensive end George Shively. 


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This matchup is technically a rivalry but it really hasn't lived up to the hype as of late. Broadneck has won the past 6 games between the two schools. 


“Not really trying to focus on the streak because then you might fall into your old ways that you did so they beat you,” said Gross.  “Just play your game.”  


“We just come out every year and do the same things.  I guess we’re the better team.  We’ll see on Friday night,” said Watts. 


The key for both teams: slow down the opposing offense. The Bruins have scored a total of 86 points in their two games. The Panthers have scored 121.  Kickoff from Broadneck is 6:30 p.m. on Friday.