Orioles' Anthony Santander tested positive for COVID-19

Outfielder practicing with team after being held out for two weeks
Posted at 10:58 AM, Jul 15, 2020

BALTIMORE, Md. — It is no longer a mystery as to why Anthony Santander had missed the first two weeks of Orioles summer camp.

"I did test positive (for) the COVID-19. I was quarantined for the past two weeks," said the O's outfielder.

Santander said he found out he had COVID when reporting for camp in early July and that his symptoms started almost a month ago.

"I just got two days in a row, fever. This was something serious. Thank god I got mild symptoms," he said.

The 25-year-old stayed in Florida after spring training was shut down in March.

"Now I’m healthy. I’m not contagious. Happy to be back on the field with my teammates."

Santander’s first practice with the O’s was Tuesday night. He said he felt great physically and ready to go while the Birds were glad to have him back.

How are his teammates receiving him so far at camp?

"Very good," he said. "They know this is something serious. We are a team. We are a family. They receive (me) very good. No bullying. Nothing of that stuff."

"I saw him the very first day of testing. I said hi to him and the next thing you know he’s gone for two weeks," said Orioles infielder Pat Valaika. "It definitely hits home and makes you think that you got to take all the precautions you can."

Santander doesn't have much time to get ready for opening day, July 24 in Boston.

"I just have to work and try to get ready as soon as possible," he said.

As far as a 2020 season actually happening, Santander said precautions need to be taken, like wearing masks and social distancing. He added that every effort should be made to try to play to bring some joy to the fans.

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