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New restaurants in Canton open despite being held up by permitting process

Posted at 5:54 PM, May 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 18:19:52-04

BALTIMORE — After months of planning, and years of rebuilding, two Canton restaurants scheduled to open in 2020 had to change their plans because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I would say that before the pandemic, things were kind of slow rolling and then everything came to a dead stop," said Aaron Hammons, owner of Shipyard Pub at the corner of O'Donnell and Baylis Streets in Canton.

The nautical, industrial themed pub had its soft launch in January, but ran into delays getting their kitchen opened.

"Our kitchen is actually finished, but we’re in the middle of the permitting process and with the pandemic hitting, we have to wait for the health board to come back down and do their inspections, etc.," Hammons said.

And Fuisine, at 3123 Elliott Street in Canton, had plans to open its doors this spring, but will now have to push back to July.

"We’ve been delayed, the permits have been stopped, but as soon as everything is on board we’ll be full steam ahead," said Fuisine executive chef and owner John Creger.

In the meantime, the restaurants decided to collaborate on Tuesday by offering items the other can not.

Wednesdays through Sundays, Shipyard Pub is pouring craft crushes including lavender lemonade, a crowd favorite, as well as strawberry lemonade crush, blood orange crush, orange thyme crush, watermelon cucumber crush, and a cucumber lime crush.

While Creger continues to put his 20 years of culinary experience to work by selling dishes at pop-up locations throughout the city.

"So these are some pulled pork belly tacos. These taco tortillas are actually made from Cucina Luchadoras and this is a little red cabbage slaw, some diced radishes and little Aji Amarillo Aioli on top. So it's a little spice and a little sweet," Creger said.

Both owners said they're staying positive and looking forward to a restart when they’re able to fully open.

"Everyone’s come out and supported and it’s been really amazing and it’s inspiring and making me even more ready to get this place open," said Creger.

"Surprisingly, over the last two or three weeks, business has been up so it’s been a blessing. We’ve actually been able to pay the bills despite the lack of funding for some of the small businesses in the city because I don’t think we were even in business long enough to receive some of the relief benefits, but it’s working out. As long as we put out the positive energy, we believe it’s going to come right back to us and we appreciate that," said Hammons.

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