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Lighthouse Tavern still open; serving speciality items and drinks

Posted at 5:29 PM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-24 23:26:07-04

BALTIMORE — With its prime placement near the Canton dog park and outdoor fields, Lighthouse Tavern is used to doing good business most days, but with restrictions on crowds due to the coronavirus outbreak, the small staff is trying to get by.

“Our chef has really taken everything on his back because the kitchen is the main reason, food is what’s keeping people coming in and ordering food online,” said Jay Harkinish, operating partner at Lighthouse Tavern.

Because of that, all their workers are still on the payroll. Harkinish said their landlord has pushed back payments, and the regulars and neighborhood are rallying around them.

“The community’s been incredible. Their response has been great, their support is one of the main things keeping us going through all this. From carryout orders to liquor and beer sales, to overly generous tipping most of the time, it’s really been touching to see everyone step up and come together as one,” Harkinish said.

Lighthouse Tavern is open for carryout and through Uber Eats on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can order from Lighthouse Tavern by calling 410-342-9105.

“Our chicken parm pizza is probably our number one. We also do a very good meatball parm sub, and our homemade mozzarella sticks are a huge hit with the neighborhood,” said Harkinish.

And they're still serving their famous funnel cake fries, an item on their secret menu.

The governor’s executive order also allows for bars and restaurants to sell alcohol as long its served in a sealed container.

“The more money you can keep locally in our neighborhood, the better it is for all of us,” said Harkinish.

If you'd like to support the business during their off-hours, Prodigy DTG is selling Lighthouse Tavern t-shirts where $10 from every shirt sold is given back to the business. Click here to order a shirt.

Lighthouse Tavern is just one of many small businesses taking it one day at a time. Working to stay open under these challenging circumstances.

“It’s sad to see everything so empty, but again, it’s a necessary precaution we have to take to move through this and flatten the curve,” said Harkinish.

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