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Helping you with belated holiday cards

Posted at 5:14 PM, Jan 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-01 17:14:41-05

BALTIMORE — Big crowds and a slew of post office delays may have stopped you from sending a Christmas card out this year but it's not too late to send your friend and family some love!

The creators of a gifting platform, Gift Goat, says you should give them a try. They send handwritten cards and gift cards all over. Three friends, tech experts, came together to create this platform to help keep people connected during this pandemic.

"This solved the problem of not being personal. It does give that personal touch," said Steven Gurley, Gift Goat co-founder.

The goal is to keep you connected and keep you safe, while also helping you. "I think our secret sauce is really the automation. If you talk to people, they don’t have a lot of their friends or families addresses, our platform captures those addresses automatically and in the event, you forget your boss on boss's day the platform takes action to send a card," Gurley said. "Our platform reminds you multiple times in advance of a birthday, so we felt that it was a necessity tool."

They hope to expand but need your help to do it. "A few weeks in with any tech start up what you need more than anything is user feedback so we need people to go sign up for free, get a card for free and give us our feedback so we can improve."

Click here and use the promo code THEGOAT for your free card.