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Youth apprenticeship program helping students reach promising careers

Posted at 6:09 PM, Mar 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 07:46:25-04

(WMAR) — We remember the days in high school, sometimes hard to stay awake after lunch, but in Queen Anne's and Talbot counties, the teachers have their attention.

It's a new apprentice program for students and there seems to be no falling asleep in this class.

Inside a automobile shop it's more than just learning about cars, it's about setting up your future. And now that the state apprenticeship program is expanded to Queen Anne's and Talbot Counties, bringing the total to six Maryland counties involved in the program.

Queen Anne's Co. School superintendent Dr. Andrea Kane says she knows this program is more than just learning things from a book.

"So they are learning some soft skills. What it take to interact with customers, what it takes to show up on time, what it takes to have that work ethic, what it takes to be dedicated employees," said Dr. Kane.

There's another bonus to this program.

"And on top of it your getting paid to figure out what your gonna do and learn," said a mechanic student.

Students get to be on the payroll at a company involved in the program that has off site training as well. The program has brought classes such as car mechanics and it is right up Ross Turner's alley.

"I like taking the stuff apart, putting it back together, getting my hands dirty you know," said Ross.

"Doesn't feel like a classroom. It feels like a good health environment," said Tad Ringgold.

Another advantage of this program is that it gives the students another opportunity, maybe a different path after they get out of high school instead of college.

"You learn a lot in one thing and move to another thing and then you got that thing now. That's two things you can work with and you just keep expanding," said a mechanic student.

Kevin Prosser is the instructor for this program.

"The demand for qualified mechanics and technicians is just unbelievable. I have more offers than I have student to fill," said Prosser.

An those offers can lead to a promising career.

"From being a technician to a certified expert technician to a master technician, you're looking at a salary of six figures a year easily," said.

"It's really good, I'm not gonna lie. Most people go to things don't like it but I'm having a good time," said a mechanic student.