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Two retired Harford County Teachers inducted into HCPS Educator Hall of Fame

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jun 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-18 08:55:52-04

A school teacher is simply defined as "one who teaches school," according to Merriam Webster. However, teachers are so much more than that. They help shape the next generation.

Two retired Harford County teachers, with a combined 87 years of services, were honored on Monday. William Carpenter and Stu Chapman were inducted into the Harford County Public Schools Educator Hall of Fame. Carpenter was a teacher for 43 years at what's now South Hampton Middle School.

"Being a teacher has it's challenges, but there's something awfully special about kids and having the honor of working with them and especially teaching them about nature," said Carpenter.

Delegate Andrew Cassilly was there to honor Carpenter. He was a former student and a former teacher before getting into politics. He said Carpenter helped shape his teaching methods. "He was a true entertainer. He made science fun. He made it from the text book to real life, and he was incredible at motivating students," said Cassilly.

Chapman taught at a few schools in Harford County throughout 44 years. He said, "when the bell rang, I never felt like it was a job. It was just a pleasure to interact with the kids and teach chemistry."

Monday night some of Chapman's older students showed up to honor him and some of his more recent ones. "He would always start class with something engaging and made me feel like I wanted to learn," said Matthew Patrick, a former student. He also said they would end class singing a science theme song.

Chapman still can't get out of the classroom, even being retired. He said he subs whenever he can. "I really enjoy the interacting with students. Something I don't want to give up if I don't have to," said Chapman.

Carpenter is giving back in a different way, volunteering in the community. He said he's working in hospitals, meals on wheels and through his church.

For the full bio for both inductees from the Board of Education of Harford County, click here.