Speed cameras to possibly be placed on I-83

Posted at 5:59 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 17:59:28-05

If you've driven on I-83, coming or have gone into the city, then you've seen bumper to bumper traffic, speeders and accidents.

Now, if some Maryland lawmakers have it their way, you will see speed cameras as well.

Senator Charles Sydnor is sponsoring a bill that would allow speed cameras on I-83. The bill proposes just one camera on 83, just within the city limits. The camera can be movable but Sydnor says there is one spot that causes a lot of problems on the JFX.

"The number of accidents, specifically around the Pepsi cola sign," Sydnor said. "With the number of accidents the city administration felt that it was a public safety measure to save lives."

At this time, about 132 thousand people drive where the cameras would be posted everyday. City officials suspect between 3,300 and almost 10,000 people would violate per day.

"Once people learn about the cameras, they start slowing down and thus the roads become safer," Sydnor said.

Steve Sharkey is the Director of Transportation for Baltimore City and he says this is not just for a money grab. He says 83 has more than it's share accidents compared to similar roads.

"There's about 680 crashes per year on the JFX in compared to other state roads, it's about double the accident rate," Sharkey said.

According to the parameters of the bill, the cameras would not pick you up until you travel 12 miles over the speed limit. They say this proposal is for one reason.

"We're just looking for safety," they said. "So we just want people to slow down and drive safer, that's the bottom line."