Voting to extend the benefits of fallen officers

Posted at 5:41 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2019-02-07 17:12:04-05

The first vote for a bill that would extend benefits to fallen police officer's children has passed unanimously. 

The bill was discussed before a senate committee Thursday. The bill would help the sons of Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey, one of two Harford County deputies that lost their lives recently. Dailey's sons are 17 and 19 years old. 

Under the current law, his children would not be eligible for his pension because the cutoff age is 18 years old. 

"This bill would cover all the law enforcement that's in the law enforcement pension system in Maryland," said Del. Rick Impallaria, (R) Harford County. "It will also set up a review of the pension system and line of duty deaths of law enforcement so that any other situation that you run into that isn't covered by antiquated laws will be picked up and reviewed over the summer and hopefully repaired next year."

The new law would allow for benefactors up the age of 26 years old. 

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