3rd Bay Bridge being considered as studies show traffic is getting worse

Posted at 4:03 AM, Feb 11, 2019

We may be in the middle of winter but, those summer backups on Rt. 50 are still fresh in our heads.

During the summer months on a Friday, it’s not unusual to see backups of 7 miles or more leading up to the bay bridge, and those backups can be frustrating.

"Whoo, whoo. It’s sometimes ridiculous, it’s getting worse each year," said one commuter.

There have been talks about adding another Bay Bridge to alleviate some of that congestion after many studies show traffic is getting worse each year.

Maryland’s Transportation Authority has put out a map of potential bridge crossing over the Chesapeake Bay. On this map there are about a half dozen options north and south of the current bridge crossing to Kent Island.

Finding the appropriate crossing, be it north of the current bridge or south, seems to be the trick to a successful plan.

"On the North side because a lot of that congested traffic is heading north, it’s not actually breaking off until you get over to the Queenstown area. If you could break it off earlier you could take a lot of stress of that Eastern Shore sweep," said Governor Hogan.

Governor Hogan’s traffic impact study study may take up to four years to complete. and will look into the impact of a new bay crossing.

"Anytime you bring a new bridge, you’re going to bring new business to development on the other side of that bridge and that’s going to effect how people live where that bridge goes," said Hogan.

But no matter what the study finds, many commuters have one wish.

"The sooner the better, sooner the better," said one commuter.