Goucher Poll looks at Hogan and Trump's approval, 2020 presidential race

Posted at 3:10 AM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 09:08:19-05

The second part of a new Goucher Poll looks into Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, the General Assembly and President Donald Trump.

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The governor has been recognized as one of the most popular in the country and this survey shows that trend continued. 69 percent of Marylanders approve of the job Hogan is doing as governor. 14 percent disapprove and another 14 percent were not sure.

Pollsters were asked questions about Governor Hogan's characteristics and qualities:

  • 66 percent say “keeps his promises” describes him and 16 percent say it does not.
  • 67 percent say “cares about the needs of people like you” describes him and 22 percent say it does not.
  • 85 percent say “is likeable” describes him and 7 percent say it does not.
  • 70 percent say “is honest and trustworthy” describes him and 13 percent say it does not.
  • 79 percent say “works well with both parties to get things done” describes him and 10 percent say it does not.
  • 80 percent say “can manage the government effectively” describes him and 11 percent say it does not.
  • 65 percent say “puts the state’s interest ahead of his own political interests” describes him and 19 percent say it does not.

Despite his popularity, only a third of Marylanders feel Hogan should run for president against incumbent Donald Trump in 2020. 55 percent are against him entering the race.

Goucher College's director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center Mileah Kromer explained the findings:

“Gov. Hogan’s reelection amid a blue wave, sustained positive job approval ratings across party lines, and his approach to politics have caught the attention of ‘Never Trump’ leaders looking for a challenger to President Trump in the Republican presidential primary. About a third of Maryland Republicans want to see a Hogan presidential run, which is consistent with recent national polling that suggests many national Republicans nationwide want a different nominee in 2020. Taken together, polling suggests that mounting a primary challenge would be difficult—unless, of course, the volatility of our current national politics dramatically alters the political playing field.”

While Hogan receives favorable views from Marylanders, Donald Trump isn't receiving as much support.

30 percent of Marylanders approve of the way the Republican president is doing his job leading the country, while 66 percent disapprove. Just 19 percent of people surveyed feel Congress is doing a good job, and 74 percent believe Congress could do better.

When it comes to the General Assembly, here's how Marylanders responded:

  • 4% approve of the job it's doing
  • 30% disapprove
  • 26% don’t know

Marylanders also express higher levels of trust in their state government than in the federal government:

  • 73% say they can trust the state government “some” or “all” and 22% say they can trust it “none” or “very little” of the time.
  • 34% say they can trust the federal government “some” or “all” and 64% say they can trust it “none” or “very little” of the time.

Several other key issues were discussed in the Goucher Poll including what the biggest problem the state faces, the direction it is going and the current economic situation:

  • 21% identify an economic issue—jobs, taxes, economic growth, or the budget
  • 16% identify education as the most important issues facing Maryland today
  • 12% say issues involving crime, criminal justice, and policing are the most important
  • 59% say Maryland is heading in the right direction
  • 25% say Maryland is off on the wrong track
  • 61% hold a mostly positive view of the Maryland economy
  • 28% hold a mostly negative view of the economy

Changes to the tax code and the impact it has on the amount of taxes residents will pay was another topic addressed in the poll:

  • 19% think their taxes will decrease as a result of the new tax system
  • 48% think their taxes will increase
  • 20% think the changes will have no effect

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