2022 Legislative Session Begins in Annapolis

Posted at 5:12 PM, Jan 12, 2022

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Governor Larry Hogan started off the legislative session presenting his redistricting map to the house and senate.

"This is a constitutional responsibility that every governor has done. I just happen to be the first governor to every have done it since 1790," he said.

Redistricting, crime and small businesses are some of the topics on many lawmakers minds for the 2022 legislative session.

Federal and state stimulus checks have put many Marylanders in good shape, yet many small businesses and others are struggling to get by. That is why Governor Hogan is focused on tax relief.

Senate President Bill Ferguson says the physical and financial well being of Marylanders is at the top of his list for the session.

"Maryland's health and the economy," he said. "That is going to be the lens which we look through everything that moves through these chambers."

Crime and redistricting will be discussed down here of course but with the state flush with billions of dollars that are undedicated, the governor says tax breaks for retirees is at the top of that list also.

We will find out how all this works out in 89 days on April 11th, the last day of the legislative session.