Historic Caplan's building gutted by flood again

Posted: 2:01 PM, May 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-30 18:07:40Z

Business owners were escorted down to their businesses Tuesday for the first time since destructive flooding on Sunday. Some returned to storefronts and first floors completely gutted.

"It's all gone," Miss Fit gym owner Shelley Sharkey said. "We’re still like in shock that this happened."

Sharkey just opened up her gym inside the historic Caplan's building on Main St. A gym building strong women now one of the buildings most destroyed by flooding. She returned Tuesday to find a torn up gym floor, broken foundation and no floor. 

"We came here 10 moths ago to bring energy and help rebuild a town that sits really heavy on our hearts and we are a part of it now and it’s unreal. It’s surreal," Sharkey said.

She has no idea what's in store, relying on the county for information about what buildings will even be salvageable. Even though the damage is worse than it was is 2016, she has faith that the community will come together again and that the buildings might be stronger than they look. 

"I’d love to see us back there but I’ve also been a business owner for a long time and I know the realities of things and I know that maybe if that happens down the road, that’s great, but in the interim, we still need to keep our community alive," Sharkey said. "When people looked at Caplan's the last time that it was hit, they thought there's no way that this building is coming back and it did and it came back really pretty and nice and gorgeous and we made it a home."


They started a  GoFundMe page  to help their recovery.