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Talisman Therapeutic Riding trying to stay alive

Posted at 5:54 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 17:55:54-04

Talisman Therapeutic Riding is a horse farm on the shore. It's 30 acres of a water front farm and the only thing better than it's location is what they do there.

The horses are therapists.

It's made up of nearly 100 volunteers and workers and 12 beautiful horses. They rely heavily on donations, one of the main events coincides with the Kentucky Derby, that was rescheduled, so they missed out on a major fund raiser.

That event alone brings over $150,000 to the organization.

Military members with PTSD, at risk youths and riders for physical therapy all take advantage of this program. Now Joyner has added therapeutic riding for health care professionals.

One of the problems for therapeutic riding is it's something you need side walkers and when that happens, it's impossible to keep social distancing.

"They might be doing a waist hold, they might be doing a thigh hold, they might be doing an ankle hold. Well, we can't be 6 feet away and so that. So, that is part of our rolling reopening plan."

So as the riders miss their equestrian therapist, the horses miss their riders as well.

They have rescheduled their derby day fundraiser for September 5.