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Gym working to keep clients safe on Kent Island

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 06, 2020

KENT ISLAND, Md. — The Island Athletic Club has been here for more than three decades. It's survived fires, a couple of hurricanes, but it's never seen anything like this.

That's a concerned evaluation of the business situation we all find ourselves in now. John Murphy is the owner of Island Athletic Club on Kent Island. The coronavirus has drastically changed his business.

Before this pandemic hit, he had 27 not as many.

"Five...yeah and that's with new hires. I lost four employees because of pre-existing conditions that they don't feel safe coming back here," he said.

And that is something Murphy is very aware of. He understands the concerns from his clients and his staff. When many of the members don't feel safe going out at all, let alone to the gym. They have asked to be 'canceled or put on hold until this clears.'

So he does everything he can to keep it safe. During the shutdown he repainted with anti-microbial paint and uses a fogger to disinfect ...

"I now close down for periods of time during the day where we disinfect all the equipment," he said.

John says he will adapt and do everything to make his business stay afloat during this coronavirus of 2020.