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Guns, jewelry stolen from home in Queen Anne's County

Posted at 5:48 PM, Aug 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 17:48:22-04

QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, Md. — Around 1 Monday afternoon, Queen Anne’s County deputies received a call about a break-in in the 600 block of Carville Price Road. Carville Price Road is a long dirt and gravel road next to Route 301 in Church Hill.

"The caller was the homeowner who actually viewed the burglar in progress from her ring camera system," officials said.

The security camera gave a lot of information for the police.

"The video footage was high quality. He had distinct shoes, red and black shoes, tattoos on both lower calves, tattoos that appeared on both shoulders of the subject, clean cut, looked like he had prescription glasses on. Looks medium build, looks like he works out," they said.

Police were able to get to the house quickly, but the suspect had already escaped with some valuable and dangerous items.

"We have 4 to 5 stolen rifles; we believe one of them was loaded," they said. "There was some jewelry and some other sentimental items that were taken from this home."

As the suspect fled the house here on Carville Price Road, police say the public may have had another interaction with him.

"Almost struck the motorist as they were turning north bound on 301 and that motorist was able to identify that the registration plate on the back was in fact a temporary tag and also update the color of the vehicle for us to a lighter gold to maybe champagne color."