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Eastern Shore spared brunt of snow storm

Posted at 11:57 AM, Feb 21, 2019

With snow overtaking much of Maryland Wednesday, the Eastern Shore didn't have as much to deal with as some areas on the Western Shore.

Still the “land of pleasant” living wasn't spared completely of Mother Nature’s white blanket. With snow on the ground about as thick as a steamed crab, the Eastern Shore faired pretty well with this storm. The snow did not accumulate on the roads. Pre-treating did it's job.

Scott Hass is the Director of the Department of Emergency Services for Queen Anne's County. This winter has not taken a big bite out of the snow cleanup budget yet for the county.

“We haven't had any major events this year to really pull us out for any extended period of time,” Hass said.

Schools were closed for the whole Eastern Shore. Hass doesn't think the roads will get worse this evening on the shore.

“So we're not expect any icing overnight,” Hass said. “Temperatures should be on the rise a little bit later this afternoon and this snow will turn over to rain.”

State offices in Queen Anne's and Kent County were closed while liberal leave was in effect for Caroline, Dorchenster, Somerset, Talbot and Wicomico counties.

Even though they didn't get as much snow and ice on the Eastern Shore as other places, some people decided to play it safe.

Jason Dinh does custom carpentry work. While the weather did not make it impossible to get to work, this storm made it unsafe for some to preform their jobs.

“We do a lot of work on scaffolding, about 20 or 30 feet in the air,” Dinh said. “So you have to be careful. Not only are you doing the work, but you have to be very careful not to slip and fall off the ladder or scaffolding, and the ice presents a major challenge for that.”