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Woman falls through steps and is trapped under concrete

Posted at 11:15 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 23:16:10-04

A mother was heading out to pick up her kid from school when her front steps collapsed.

It happened at a home on Venetian Road in Gwynn Oak.

Jacqueline Canada noticed a crack in her steps and had actually warned her daughter to be careful when she was leaving.

She had no idea that her front porch would collapse and she would be scrambling to rescue her as she screamed for help.

As crews worked to rescue 27-year-old Shantel Wiley her mother told ABC2 what happened.

“I heard this loud boom and the step just fell and she fell down into the step,” said Canada.

Moments after that she got the news she had been waiting for.

“She got out, huh oh she’s out! I have to go.“

Members of the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company's Confined Space Team worked side by side with Baltimore County firefighters to make a plan and save the woman.

“All they were able to see was about the tips of the fingers on both hands from the patient,” said Captain Tim Rostowski with Baltimore County Fire Department.

They didn’t want to cause a secondary collapse.

She was conscious and talking so that bought them some time to make sure the ground was secure to safely get to her.

“They lowered a ground ladder down to her and she was able to climb up on her own power and that’s how she actually got out of the hole,” Rostowski said.

Before crews got there Canada was doing everything she could to save her daughter.

“I ran in the back went in my shed stuck the little ladder down tried to go in myself but it was too deep so I couldn’t go in,” said Canada.

All the mother could do was comfort her.

“She said mom pray for me I can’t feel my hands, just continue to pray. I just continued to pray for her and told her it would be okay God is praying for her.”

Thankfully the medic on scene says it looks like Wiley only has some minor injuries.

Before Wiley was taken to the hospital she was conscious and only asking where her daughter was and if she was okay.

At the end of the day, the family was together as Wiley Recovers.