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WMAR employee trapped in office during barricade

Posted at 12:35 AM, May 14, 2014

Newly-hired WMAR IT specialist Nic Hall didn't know a man claiming to be God had broken into the news station by ramming a truck through the front door. Hall's office is in the basement, after all, and the mentally ill man had barricaded himself in a video editing suite on the second floor. 

It wasn't until Hall received a call from a fellow employee inquiring about his whereabouts as the entire station was evacuated and a nearby school locked down. 

But he didn't panic. 

"I've been to war, so I was cool, calm and collected," Hall, a U.S. Marine Corps reservist, said. 

A team of six tactical police officers escorted him out of the building and shuttled him into an armored truck and away from the building. 

Meanwhile, another WMAR IT specialist was heading back into the building with officers to go over surveillance camera footage. Watch the video above for more.