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Water main breaks hurting business on York Road in Baltimore County

Posted at 11:16 PM, Feb 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 23:16:08-05

Another frustrating break in business for people in Cockeysville.

Right in the middle of rush hour on Thursday, a water main break causing several businesses to lose water and customers.

It happened right in front of Ed Murphy Auto Services on York Road.

Ed Murphy, the owner said water main breaks happen way too often there.

Now he’s got a muddy mess for a parking lot that will soon turn into ice, causing an inconvenience for him and his customers.

"You don't know if any customers were trying to get in here,” said Murphy. “Luckily one of my customers called and said he was up the street they weren't letting him down here, but he's going to walk down anyway and got his car and they had to move a cone to let him out."

Murphy said the roads been leaking for weeks, and he called the county on Thursday because he noticed the pavement buckling and water pouring out the sides.

"Because of the cold weather and leaking all night long,” said Murphy. “People kept driving through it, it would be icy out here every morning. So much so one time I was road testing a customer’s car hit my brakes right out here I was on the ice and slid right past the entrance, luckily no one was behind me I could back up and get back in here."

Charles Twining was excited to get some BBQ with his wife and son at Andy Nelson’s Barbecue.

When he pulled up he instead found a closed sign.

"So they're closed and so I had my heart set on it and it's not going to happen," said Twining.

Murphy said Baltimore County has talked about replacing the whole main for years.

In the meantime, he was washing up after a hard day of work with buckets of water, hoping the water comes back on tomorrow.