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Water main break turns road into raging river

Posted at 11:30 PM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 23:32:30-04

A road in Overlea looked like a muddy raging river Wednesday morning.

A water main break knocked out service for 80 people for hours on Elmwood Road.

It wasn’t what Donna King was hoping to walk out to on a rare sunny day.

“It looked like we moved to a lake house, it was a river going down the street,” King said.

She had the grandkids over, and no water meant a long day.

“I can’t wash them off or hands I have to use baby wipes,” said King. “It’s an inconvenience horrible, this woke us up today. People were unable to go to work because of the street breaking up like that.”

Sharon Costello said it's disgusting that all this mud is now covering her driveway.

 “Down here they just put new curbs in I’m cracking, so we get water like this all the time,” Costello said.

The culprit was a 8-inch pipe that burst, crews worked hard to get to it and brought in a replacement.

They turned the water back on around 8 pm.

“I would like to see them fix it and not just put a band-aid over it,” King said. “They can tell us all they want that their working on it. Some roads are worse than others and this road is bad.”

A mile and a half away on Walther Ave, a 12-inch pipe break knocked out services for 30 people.

It has homeowners in the area saying enough is enough.

“Two weeks ago they turned our water off and we didn’t have water for four or five hours,” King said.

The water is back on, but the mud and stress will stick around.