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Viral video out of Baltimore County school causing worry

Andrea Selby and her parents spoke to ABC2
Posted at 11:13 PM, Jan 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-09 23:13:54-05

Andrea Selby who says she was bullied by a former friend on Monday at Holabird Middle School in Baltimore County spoke to ABC2 News after a video went viral of her being beaten.

Andrea's parents wanted their daughter to share her story. 

"I was putting my stuff in my locker and she came up to me with 5 or 6 other girls and they just cornered me," said Andrea.

That confrontation was caught on video over what Andrea says is no reason to fight.

"I didn't want to be friends with who this girl's best friend was and that ended up causing a fight in the gym locker room."

Andrea's parents spoke to ABC2 about the video they posted on social media. 

"My daughter was so brave to stand up to her," said James Selby, Andrea's father.

Stand up by not physically fighting back.

"It's not worth hitting a girl over jeopardizing my whole future," said Andrea.

And according to Andrea this wasn't the first time, her attacker was once a friend, she says fighting just isn't worth it. 

"You'll get in trouble and the other person will get in trouble and it's not worth you getting in trouble." 

Andrea says she wants to be a teacher and didn't want to be involved in a fight --she wants a clean record.

"She knows what she wants out of life, she knows what she has to do to get where she wants to be and I think she made the real good choice," said James Selby.

Selby's parents say Holabird Middle School leaders are involved and investigating the incident. 

"The principal called us and spoke to us, we're meeting with them tomorrow and they're really working hard to resolve this," said James Selby

We don't know the specifics of the consequences for either student, but these parents hope Andrea's story will help others. 

"After I saw the way she handled it I'm more proud of her than if she ever threw a punch," said James Selby.

School system leaders tell me they're looking into it the incident.