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Students in Junior Achievement Rising Women are the change they want to see in the world

New Town High School students create Hunity
Posted at 12:33 PM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-28 19:23:44-05

Inside a classroom at New Town High School, six young women sit talking excitedly over scraps of paper, pins, a t-shirt and cell phone cases.

If you listen closely, you'll hear them hashing out their business plan to change the world.

"This is an extra activity, it's an after school club that we meet on Thursdays every week," Schekinath Biaou, a Freshman, said.

"Our main focus is the uniting of humans because right now in the country if you don't know there's an unspoken racism that like surrounds us and we just want to tackle it, break it down, break through the glass and spread positivity and unity, whether it's your identity or your race or your culture or your cultural background," Nasreen Naqvi, another Freshman, said.

It's a monumental idea, resting on the shoulders of very driven young women. Biaou is in Robotics Club, Student Government, and LGBT to name a few. She wants to become a lawyer, "I want to own a law firm and I also want to become a judge."

Naqvi wants to go into Forensics, solving crimes with the help of evidence.

Tragically, they've felt diversity at it's cruelest.

"There was a lot of terrorism based remarks made, I didn't take it too personally but it was always in my head. You know that people thought of me this way, even though that wasn't who I was," Naqvi said in elementary school kids said she was hairy, and made fun of her accent.

These experiences fed their desire to create "Hunity" and with the guidance of Junior Achievement Rising Women, it's starting to get off the ground.

"We had this big idea for a t-shirt, but we didn't make enough start up money or stock so we started to go with buttons or stickers, with that money maybe merge into phone cases, altogether with that money then merge into t-shirts and maybe strive for more after that," Naqvi said.

The goal of the company to raise money for a charity or organization that promotes diversity, and permeate conversation. Along the way, they've picked up skills they'll carry with them through life, like listening and teamwork.

"It teaches me the things it takes to start a business, the struggles you go through with finances, being able to pitch yourself to other people and present your company to possible investors and I feel like it's brought me a lot that I'm going to keep with me for the rest of my life," Biaou said.

"Especially as a woman, where in our society we're treated as objects it makes me feel proud and accomplished and it's something I'll always carry with me through college, because it's giving us a voice and opportunity," Naqvi said.

An opportunity to make waves, as long as people are willing to listen.

"Human unity, love self love all of that is part of building a greater America, a greater union and I feel like if we all work together we can achieve that goal," Biaou said.

The program was extended from one semester to two. Rising Women came to NTHS in September.

The entrepreneurship program gives high schoolers real world experience, supports critical thinking and helps them grow a real business.