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A senior moment never to forget

Posted at 11:32 PM, Nov 13, 2017

Two weeks into her Senior year at Towson University, Payton Windell went up to serve a volleyball and hit the floor.  Her ACL, MCL and meniscus all ripped, torn, bruised.  Season over.  

Two months later, on Senior Night, this past Sunday,  she was back.  Sort of.  Coach Don Metil gave her the chance to score the game-winning point against Delaware.  

With 23 family members in the stands, her teammate leaned over and said get ready.  Out came her earrings.  Off came her rings.  She pulled up her Christmas socks while another teammate dashed upstairs for a jersey.  Then Payton walked onto the SECU Arena never thinking it would happen again.  

She bounced the ball, lifted it high and swatted it down on Delaware.  ACE!  Game over. Her career over!  But a Senior moment made.