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Once homeless family finally has home to call their own

Clifton family couldn't furnish it, store steps in
Posted at 11:25 PM, Sep 04, 2018

They bounced from relative to relative and shelter to shelter. Now the Clifton family has a place of their own to call home but didn't have any furniture.  One local business changed that.

Kevin Clifton may have fallen on hard times but he hasn't forgotten what's most important.  For his family, laughter, and love reign supreme over material wealth.

"For it to be a place that we can call our own, a place that we can now build our foundation for our own family," Clifton told WMAR 2 News.

Having a place to call home is a dream come true for the Cliftons who fell on hard times and ended up with no place to live. 

"We were taking care of an elderly family member and we were there with them, allowed to stay there, but they had to go into a home because of their ailment," said Clifton.

That threw the Cliftons into a tailspin; still, they focused on what’s most important.

"Money, of course, isn’t everything," said wife, Dawnice Clifton.

"The one thing I said at the beginning of this year was that I was going to give my daughters a room for Christmas," Clifton said.

And Christmas came early this year. Clifton’s daughters Aaliyah and Chastity are happy just to have a home of their own; even if their family can’t afford furniture. Right now, they're all sleeping on just one air mattress.

The Cliftons struggled to get jobs, worried what would happen to their daughters, especially Aaliyah who has Downs Syndrome.

"I would be at work, like temp jobs I would be at work and the only thing on my mind is where are we going to be at if I didn't secure it already what are we going to be doing?  Where are we going to be eating?"

But not anymore. Soon, their empty apartment will be filled with furniture thanks to Price Busters Furniture.

"This particular family, however, has nothing, has nothing, they're literally sleeping on the floor and anyone with a heart would have to do what we're going to do. There's so many people out there who can't afford just the basic necessities," said Price Busters Furniture, co-owner, Kal Finkelstein. 

"It didn’t matter to me if we were broke as long as we had the place to call ours," said Clifton.

"It’s a blessing it really is, I did not think that would happen. not to us, not to me," Dawnice Clifton, told WMAR 2 News.

The Cliftons will have the chance to go to Price Busters Furniture and pick out their new furniture this week.

Store leaders say this is something they will continue to do for those in need.