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Late storms cause headaches, damage in area

Posted at 11:34 PM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 23:34:20-04

It was a mess throughout the area as late storms brought with them damage and headaches across the region.

"Cars were stopped and then the water started coming in the bottom of my car and I just had to try to open the doors and the force of the water was just pushing the car door so I just kept praying and praying," said Parkville resident, Angie Phillips.

Shaken and upset after having to battle with this storm, Phillips waited for her son to pick her up.

"I ust ran, shoes came off and everything and I just ran and had to buy new clothes," said Phillips.

She had just left her Parkville home and to her surprise, the intersection, just outside Towson Place, turned into what she described as a river.

I was driving trying to make it up here to get out of the water," Phillips told WMAR 2 News.

Alex Luskin's car was also destroyed, brown water puddled inside.

"This area seems pretty prone to the flash floods around here and it was pretty much a lake and so couldn't see what was happening and drove in a little too deep," he told WMAR 2 News.

Both drivers with possibly total losses on their hands.

"The water level kept on rising up to the door and I had to make a decision, if I was going to stay in.  All my electrical systems shut down and it got pretty much right up to the side of the door so I had to roll down the window and climb out the window," said Luskin.

Elsewhere in the county, drivers had to deal with standing pools of water and dangerous conditions.  

The late afternoon storms caused headaches everywhere; trees and power lines trapped two people in a car buried by it along Philadelphia Road in Kingsville. Two people were taken to the hospital but weren't seriously hurt.

While crews are still out cleaning up the mess, officials said to watch for downed trees, branches or lines.

Call 911 to report any hazards.