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John Olszewski Jr. barely takes democratic nomination for Baltimore Co. Executive

Posted at 8:38 PM, Jul 06, 2018

The votes are finally in, and it looks like Johnny Olszewski Jr. will be the Democratic nominee for the Baltimore County Executive race by only a couple of votes. 

These results roll in over a week after elections took place. On election night last Tuesday, Johnny Olszewski Jr. had the lead by only a couple hundred votes, so this week the 80,000 provisional ballots across the state were counted.

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According to Baltimore County's website, Olszewski beat out Jim Brochin by a mere nine votes. 

Olszewski spoke at a conference Friday night, talking about how he is thrilled by the news of his victory. 

“We are so humbled and grateful for today's results." Olszewski continued to talk about how through the entire process he has stressed that every vote counts and how evident that is after this extremely close race. 

After his conference, Olszewski sent the following statement:

“It’s clear that voters believe in our our vision for universal pre-K, tuition-free community college, and campaign finance reform,” Olszewski said. “I remain humbled by the surge of support we’ve seen, and we are excited to work together to create a government that puts our communities ahead of special interests.”

On Jim Brochin's campaign Facebook page he said he will be exploring the possibility of a recount. 

Al Redmer, the winner of the Republican race for Baltimore County Executive, also sent a statement following the ballot count. 

I would like to congratulate Johnny O on his apparent nomination this evening.

I participated in over 30 candidate forums and debates with the candidates for County Executive, and each one was noteworthy for its mostly civil discussion of the issues that are important to the citizens of Baltimore County.

I am looking forward to continuing that civil and spirited discussion of issues as we each present our visions for Baltimore County to our fellow citizens.

Olszewski said Friday night that he will follow the process necessary after such a close race and he will be respectful to his opponent if there is a recount.