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Hero saves 18-year-old deaf, blind dog

Posted at 11:30 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-13 23:31:32-04

18 years is a long time for a dog to live, but don't tell Rosie that.

She's alive thanks to a hero who jumped into a freezing river to save her.

John Thayer didn't hesitate when he saw her fighting for her life.

“I looked in the water and I see this little tiny head bobbing up and down,” said Thayer. “I just didn’t even think I ran down there. Took off my hoodie and my sweats and got in my briefs and just jumped in.”

Adrenaline took over.

“Honestly when I got to the pier my last effort was just to push her up, and she grabbed her and took her inside.”

Thayer’s girlfriend Jacqueline Fitzgerald first heard Rosie crying for help, she was there to grab her from her boyfriend’s arms.

“I instantly grabbed her and pulled her in,” said Fitzgerald.

24 hours later she was reunited with her owner Ken Peterson.

This wasn’t Rosie’s first adventure; the old timer grew up in the mountains of Colorado.

“She traveled all over, Different ski areas, climbing mountains, swimming in lakes, in high country Colorado,” said Peterson. “I guess she’s starting to slow down out here over the past five years.”

Sunday was hectic for him.

“I couldn’t find her, couldn’t find her anywhere.”

He feared the worst had happened to his longtime companion.

“I was calling her gone pretty much,” Peterson said. “She must have just wandered off and died.”

Rosie wasn’t ready yet, and thanks to her new best friends she’s still kicking.

“I couldn’t see that dog go under I really couldn’t,” said Thayer.  “She’s an amazing dog.”

Rosie was reunited with her owner thanks to posts on Facebook.

They were connected just thirty minutes after pictures and videos went up.

Peterson and Thayer are looking forward to taking Rosie out on the boat this summer, and this time she will have a life jacket and her friends with her.