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Heartwarming vigil for Towson University student killed by hit and run

Posted at 11:20 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-12 05:41:12-05

Candles in hand— the cold wouldn't stop hundreds of students from coming out for a sophomore who warmed so many hearts on the Towson University campus.

Mzi Ncube was hit by two cars while crossing North Charles Street in Towson.

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The first person left him on the ground cold-injured and alone.

The family has been up all night thinking about him laying there alone, at least for a few hours they were able to see how much he meant to so many.

“One of our greatest fears is that Mzi was alone that night but it is clearly obvious that he was not alone,” his sister Ziphe said.

His smile was infectious, and his laugh could have cheered up everyone in the crowd.

For the last year, Ronald Bryant has been Mzi's roommate.

In that short time, Bryant and Mzi were inseparable, and he made him feel like family.

“Being in your face but in a good way,” Bryant said. “He was like we’re going to hang out we’re going to do this. I’m the type of person that tends to isolate myself sometimes. Being with him you couldn’t isolate yourself. You had to be out there because he was out there.”

Classmates that have known him since recess brought together with students who were just in class with him last week.

Justin Chuckerel sat with him at lunch from kindergarten to high school.

“Mzi was best friends with everybody, that’s the common denominator here. Towson lost a great student.”
Saying goodbye to Mzi— a friend to so many.

The second driver that hit Mzi did stop and try to save him.

Police are looking for a Toyota truck possibly a Sequoia or a Tundra with a driver’s side mirror missing or broken.